Zat Phonics Read Write

By | November 25, 2018

Read Write teaches your child how to sounds letters make and how to write them correctly. Through writing and spelling words, our app is able your children how to blend sounds together. 
The 73 sounds are grouped into 4 different phases to support their learning journey. Your child should focus on and practise at one phase at a time, then move onto the next phase when they are ready. 
Getting started: 
After your child has logged in, they will have a variety of options to choose from:
Letters and Sounds teaches them how to say the sounds and write letters. They hear, say, watch and then practise writing the letter. 
Writing and Words teaches them to blend sounds, write whole words and spell them. There are two writing and two spelling activities for each sound.
Sticker Book shows the children planets, rockets and astronauts they have unlocked.
Achievements records how many stars they achieved on each activity and how many times they have completed it. 
Settings enables you to change the handwriting style (lowercase, uppercase and cursive script) to meet your child’s needs. We recommend that children start on lowercase letter formations when first using the app. 
Further support: 
Sounds – Please ensure your device is not on silent mode and volume is turned up. 
Animation – You can skip the letter formation animation by tapping anywhere on the screen once. 
Shaking your device – After completing an activity, simply shake your device to try again.
For further support and queries, please visit