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By | November 25, 2018

This recipes app is one of the best ways to find recipes and start cooking with ingredients you have in your kitchen. You will find a wide range of healthy and nutritious recipes matching your diet plan and respecting your food allergies. All recipes are free, provided with an ordered list of food preparation steps and easy to follow cooking instructions.

Type into the search bar keywords related to your wish recipe and we will give you the closest matching suggestions with attractive dish photos. Once your choice is made, more recipe’s info are displayed:

• Recipe yield, number of portions or serves
• List of required ingredients with the exact quantity of each ingredient
• Necessary kitchen ustensils and environment needed to your meal preparation
• Food preparation and cooking durations
• Flavors intensity to know if the recipe is salty, sweet, bitter or more spicy
• A description of how to prepare your dish with practical kitchen tips and meal ideas
• Recipe garnish, item or substance used as a decoration or embellishment accompanying your prepared food dish or drink.

We are also committed to give you an accurate nutrition facts label based on individual ingredients. So, we put at your disposal an exhaustive list of nutrients values: Total energy per serving and calories from fat, carbohydrates, complex and simple sugars, dietary fibers … saturated and unsaturated lipids measurements, cholesterols, trans fat, proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and water proportion.

All categories of recipes are available:

– recipes for special diets: clean eating, low carb, high fiber, dairy free, gluten free food, weight loss recipes, low cholesterol, rich protein, vegan meal plan …
– recipes for all meals: breakfast recipes, brunch, lunch, dinner
– recipes with all cooking methods: fried food, grill recipes, barbecue, roast, baking recipes ….
– Drinks, side dishes, soup, appetizers, salad recipes, seasonal recipes ..
– Healthy fast food recipes and more

Don't miss our monthly recipes selection :
– Thanksgiving breakfast hash with cheddar mashed potato pancakes
– Pumpkin crunch – the perfect thanksgiving dessert
– Breakfast tacos with red potatoes and large eggs
– Breakfast salad with pork sausage, avocado and cherry tomatoes
– Full English breakfast traybake
– Southern fried chicken
– Mango chicken curry
– Crispy oven fried chicken with gravy
– Mexican pork meatballs in tomato-chipotle chile sauce
– Best beef, bean and cheese burritos
– Mexican burger burritos
– Parmesan crusted fish
– Vegan poutine recipe
– Trump yams (lol)
– Crispy fish burger with shoestring fries
– Marinated fish skewers
– Baked white fish with pine nut, parmesan and basil pesto crust
– Pumpkin gingersnap ice cream
– Delicious blackberry ice cream
– Cinnamon roll pizza
– Barbecue chicken pizza
– Classic smashed burgers

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